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Face Covering Guidance – Information update for our customers

Face mask / Face Covering Guidance

In accordance with the recent Government announcement from Friday 24th July a Face Covering or Face mask must be worn inside Shops. Customers intending to shop at the Arrow Farm Shop will need to be wearing a face mask or face covering from this date unless they have a legitimate reason as defined by the Government guidance referenced below:

  • young children under the age of 11
  • not being able to put on, wear or remove a face covering because of a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability
  • if putting on, wearing or removing a face covering will cause you severe distress
  • if you are travelling with or providing assistance to someone who relies on lip reading to communicate
  • to eat or drink, but only if you need to
  • to take medication

Customers wishing to only visit the Café Diner to eat or drink will not be required to wear a face covering or face mask. Please note if you are intending on Shopping after visiting the Café Diner then a Face covering or Face Mask should be worn.

As a family run independent business throughout this pandemic we have tried our very best to support the community in providing an essential food service and have continually adapted and changed our offer to meet the changing guidance.

We are delighted to confirm we intend to continue to offer our order and collect service for the foreseeable future.

Find out more about our order and collect service

As we all adjust to this new law Arrow Farm Shop have sourced a limited supply of single use disposable face coverings available for a nominal charge of 50p per mask, which will be available at the Farm Shop entrance.

Thank you for your continued support and for patiently observing all the social distance guidelines we are operating in the Farm Shop & Café Diner.

Thank you for your continued respect for all of our staff members as we continue to give you the best service possible.

Kindest regards and best wishes
George and the Arrow Farm Team


Farm Shop

Our Farm Shop remains open as normal, all our customers are guaranteed a warm welcome by our staff in the Farm Shop and I would like to reiterate my sincere thanks as you all so patiently observe our social distancing measures.

I am proud of our staff and I know all our customers have played a really important role in ensuring our social distancing measures have worked and will continue to work extremely well.

Our fully implemented Twelve-point Social Distancing Action Plan

  1. In store customer signage clearly displayed.
  2. Black & Yellow floor marker tape in store, marking 2m spacing at butchery service counter and till stations.
  3. Signage and a one-way system around the shop entrance/exit doors and steps to maintain 2m distancing.
  4. Spaced the tilling points out beyond 2m.
  5. Hygiene protection screens around the tilling points.
  6. Limiting the number of customers in the Farm Shop at any one time to six and encouraged customers to shop alone if possible, allowing more households to be served at any one time to reduce queuing.
  7. Increased the frequency of cleaning of all work surfaces, hand contact areas and all equipment.
  8. Increased hand washing, with antibacterial hand gel used at all tilling points and workstations.
  9. Introduced a non-contact order and collection service.
  10. Created additional workspace by using the floor area of the Café Diner.
  11. Created a safe outdoor space for customers to queue should the need arise maintaining 2m distancing. (including the construction of a temporary wind/rain shelter)
  12. Encouraged the use of contactless methods of payment – either telephone for our order and collect service or contactless payments in the Farm Shop.

Thank you in advance for your continued adherence to our social distancing measures and your continued support through this unsettling time. Please be assured we will continue to operate as normal as possible to ensure you continue to receive the service and products you have become accustomed.

Kindest regards and best wishes

This project has been supported through the Rural Development Programme for England, which is jointly funded by Defra and the European Union.