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13th May, treat yourself, Current offers and product availability

Our Farm Shop remains open as normal, all our customers are guaranteed a warm welcome by our staff in the Farm Shop and I would like to reiterate my sincere thanks as you all so patiently observe our social distancing measures.

Following the latest government guidance unfortunately it will still be some time before we can welcome customers back to the Café Diner. In the mean- time the team have put together this great value family breakfast pack for you to enjoy at home available through our order and collection service.

Breakfast Pack £22 (serves 4 people)

4 Pork Sausage
8 Rashes Back Bacon
4 Portions Black Pudding
6 Large Free-Range Eggs
2 Frying Tomatoes
400 g Button Mushroom
1 Bobby’s Foot Bread Loaf
2 x 500ml Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice bottled daily – 500ml bottles @ £3.25

Introducing Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice bottled daily – 500ml bottles @ £3.25 are available in store and through the order and collection service. Simply Fresh oranges and nothing else, no added sugar or preservatives, providing a great kick start to the day.

Following many customer requests, Paul and the Meadowfresh team are now making Pork and Leek Sausages @just £8.80 /Kg, why not treat yourself? We have also re-introduced our Chicken Fillet offer at just £7.99/Kg

Cream Tea for two, for just £12.75

Treat yourselves to a special Cream Tea for two, for just £12.75, whilst the basket is not included a pack of special English Breakfast Teabags ensures you can have as many cups of tea you could possibly desire!

2 Fruit Scones
Strawberry Jam
Clotted Cream
English Breakfast Teabags x 40
Fresh Punnet of Strawberries
Pack of shortbread Biscuits

Flour in stock

Our suppliers have done a fantastic job to ensure we have a great stock of Flour – we currently have plain flour, self-raising and bread flour, along with Tuxford Windmill muesli, porridge oats and oatbran, all on our in store display.

Strong bread flour 1.5kg – £3.59
Wholemeal Bread flour 1.5Kg – £3.59
Self-Raising Flour 1.5Kg – £3.59
Plain Flour 1.5 Kg – £3.59

All subject to availability

Comprehensive range of fresh produce daily

I am delighted to confirm all our local suppliers are continuing to provide us with a fantastic service to ensure we can provide our customers with a comprehensive range of fresh produce daily.

We have full availability of our farm fresh eggs, including free range in XL and large along with duck eggs with previous quantity restrictions now lifted.

Meadowfresh have a great selection of pies which are always available, freshly prepared for you our loyal customers to enjoy:

The following delicious Individual pies are available at just £1.69: We have Steak, Steak and onion, Steak and stilton, Steak and potato and Steak and mushroom, we also have Meat Pie Slices available at just £3.69 available as follows: Steak, Steak and ale, Steak and onion, Steak and stilton, Steak and potato, Steak and mushroom, Steak and kidney and Lamb and mint. We also have a delightful Cheese and onion Pie Slice at just £3.69. Our Round family Steak and Steak and ale pies offer excellent value at £5.99. Why not treat yourself to our Square family pie at £7.99 is available as a Steak or a Steak and potato option. Our delicious Large Steak and Steak & Potato Tray Bake Pies are only £15.99. We also have the extremely popular Cottage pies @ £4.99, Lasagne @ £4.99, Fish pies @ £2.99 and Beef and vegetable pasties @ £1.69.

Our very own Marfona roast potatoes: £1.50 (per oven ready tray)

We continue to have our three fantastic Meat pack offers:

Our mixed BBQ Packs are available for only £10.99

2 Beef Burgers
2 Pork & Apple Burgers
4 Pieces of Chicken
4 Pork Steaks
4 Sausages
Subject to availability

4 Beef Steaks, 4 Chicken Fillets, 4 Gammon Steaks, 4 Pork Steaks, 4 Sausages - All for only £20
Subject to availability

Meat for the Week Pack Just £35:

500g Diced Beef
500g Mince Steak
500g Sausage
4 Pork Steaks
500g Diced Pork
2 Sirloin Steaks (approx. 250g per steak)
1 Kg Roasting Joint (Pork or Beef please specify)
All weights are approx. And subject to availability

Pricing Policy

Many customers are requesting a product list with prices, unfortunately this is not possible as prices are fluctuating almost daily on certain products, this is being caused by pressures on certain supply chains and the relative impact this has on supply and demand. Our overriding focus is to maintain a comprehensive product range and have as many products as possible for your choice at the most competitive prices available.

Thank you, my Kindest regards and best wishes

This project has been supported through the Rural Development Programme for England, which is jointly funded by Defra and the European Union.